Face lotion mixed with 10% stable vitamin C derivative

What is stable vitamin C derivative APS?

APS (display name: sodium ascorbate), a vitamin C derivative that is stable and has an immediate effect, is generally known as a shortcut to beautiful skin support, featuring melanin and reactive oxygen countermeasures and collagen support, etc.
Compared with normal vitamin C, is more resilient against oxidation
Highly regarded by beauty salons, etc., where it is widely used as a liquid to introduce ions

What are the 2 differences between pure vitamin C and vitamin C derivatives?
Pure vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is said to have the most immediate effect, but it also tends to be oxidized in the air and is immediately oxidized by ultraviolet rays, making it extremely unstable and causing skin problems when used as-is.
Vitamin C derivative is a stabilized form of vitamin C that is easily broken down, derived from sodium phosphate, magnesium or glucoside (sugar), etc. in the vitamin C part that is susceptible to oxidation.


KISO Cosmetics Labs product

Mixed with a wealth of popular beauty ingredients in addition to high concentration of vitamin C derivative

1. Kakadu plum extract mixture
-Display name: Terminalia Ferdinandiana Fruit Extract -
Known as a super fruit that provides excellent botanical strength and contains the world’s highest level of vitamin C - approximately twice the amount found in camucamu and 100 or more times the amount found in oranges.

2. Proteoglycan mixture
-Display name: Water-soluble proteoglycan -
Extracted from shark nose cartilage developed by Hirosaki University Has various beauty effects in addition to excellent moisturizing effects, and is one of the ingredients receiving the most attention in foods and beauty products, etc.

3. Dipotassium glycyrrizhate mixture
-Display name: Disodium glycyrrizhate -
Skin conditioning ingredient extracted from liquorice roots and stalks

4. Hyaluronic acid
-Display name: Hyaluronic acid Na -
Hyaluronic acid - most famous for its moisturizing effects. Uses high-purity ingredients produced in Japan Excellent compatibility with proteoglycan and stays close to the skin.
Rich vitamin C derivatives provide a reliable approach to skin problems such as concern about darkening, excess sebum and pore-related problems, etc.