Feature of KISO Fullerene 10

'Electrolytic negative ion water’ is applied to make Fullerene penetrate deeper into the skin.
This ion water provides even more moisturizing, permeating, and antibacterial effect. It
keeps your skin clear and moisture level high. Fullerene 10 is gentle and effective for all
skin type.


What is Fullerene?

Fullerene is a Nobel Prize-winning ingredient. The biggest feature of cosmetic effects is its
excellent anti aging activity. Fullerene's high anti-oxidation capacity (as to inhibit oxidation of
the skin) brings its anti aging activity, it is said that the activity is over 250 times more
effective than vitamin C. Fullerene stays on the skin surface and exhibits a strong
antioxidant power, leading to beautiful skin.


FULLERENE10 benefits

・Acne improvement
・Pore tightening
・Scalp care and Hair Growth

How to use FULLERENE10

• Apply several drops to your hand, and gently massage onto your clean face.
• Can be applied and blended with lotion, serum, gel, cream or gel cream.
•Safe to apply both morning and night.