Warnings Regarding Use and Storage

•Stop use if irritation becomes severe.
•The symptoms may get worse if you continue to use the product. We therefore recommend
you consult with your dermatologist.
•Stop using the product if it causes skin problems such as the following.
(1) If you experience any skin irregularities such as redness, swelling, itching, irritation,
discoloration (such
as white blotches) or skin darkening during use.
(2) If you experience any on the above-mentioned skin irregularities after use when your skin
is exposed to
the sun.
•Avoid getting the product in your eyes. If the product does get in your eyes, rinse
immediately with cold
water or lukewarm water.
•Do not use the product on your skin when you have problems such as wounds, swelling or
•Keep the product out of the reach of children.
•Do not store the product in a location exposed to direct sunlight, high temperature and/or
•We recommend using the product within 3 months after opening.

International buyers, please be sure that this product is permitted in your country
before buying.