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15% Azelaic Acid Face Cream 20g

15% Azelaic Acid Face Cream 20g

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✅ This facial cream is designed for balancing skin fluctuations, featuring a combination of 15% azelaic acid with moisturizing ingredients like squalane and hyaluronic acid for a well-rounded defense and offense approach.

✅ Ideal for:

  • Those concerned about roughness on their cheeks
  • Individuals aiming to refine their skin texture
  • Those prone to makeup smudging
  • Individuals bothered by oily shine
  • Those experiencing recurrent skin fluctuations

✅ Azelaic acid, derived from grains and yeast, is a natural acidic component recommended particularly for oily skin types. It helps balance moisture and sebum levels while promoting smoother skin.

✅ We've included a double dose of soothing ingredients, 2K glycyrrhizic acid and CICA (Centella asiatica extract), to protect sensitive and easily fluctuating skin while guiding it towards a smoother, more radiant complexion.

✅ Formulated with 7 types of certified organic extracts:

  • Licorice root extract
  • Scutellaria root extract
  • Centella asiatica extract
  • Rosemary leaf extract
  • Chamomile leaf extract
  • Tea leaf extract
  • Japanese knotweed root extract


Water, azelaic acid, BG, methylheptyl laurate, dodecane, pentylene glycol, squalane, glyceryl stearate, behenyl alcohol, hydrogenated lecithin, glyceryl behenate, polyglyceryl-6 octastearate, 2K glycyrrhizinate, sodium hyaluronate, Centella asiatica extract, Scutellaria root extract, Japanese knotweed root extract, Licorice root extract, tea leaf extract, rosemary leaf extract, chamomile flower extract, hydroxyethylcellulose, borosilicate (Ca/Na), silver oxide

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